Branch Pruning

Here at Wilder Career Arbor Services, we mean business when it comes to cutting your branches. Our team of diversified specialists will be able to handle any and all requests for trimming services. After having many years in the business, our expert and certified arborists are some of the most qualified individuals to take on your landscaping requests.

Trimming Types

We offer several different types of branch trimming at Wilder. Each type of cutting has a different purpose and consequently is dealt with by different specialists. We’ve listed them below with a short description. Of course, if you do not see the type of trimming you may need, let us know and we will make sure to figure out how to meet your needs.

Protective Trimming

Dead and overgrown branches can oftentimes be very hazardous to humans and structures alike on a property. A bad storm or wind can cause these branches to break and fall. This can result in property damage, or worse, personal injury.

Our protective trimming services come with a free consultation to advise you on which branches may pose a potential threat to you or your house’s safety.

Aesthetic Trimming

Every house deserves a good touch up. Sometimes, unwanted branches can become overgrown and clutter up the aesthetics of a property or home. In other situations, a dense thicket can block what would be a great view from or of your home.

With our great landscaping background, we can take on these aesthetic requests that you might have. Our skilled technicians have expertise and precision when it comes to making your home more beautiful through a simple trimming.

Remember, increasing the visual appeal of your household or property can help boost property value. For an affordable and high quality branch cutting job from us, you can actually make your house more valuable!